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The Ultimate Wheel & Tire Plus Sizing Guide (The Red Book)

“Digital Subscription”

Subscribe to the Digital Ultimate Wheel & Tire Plus Sizing Guide to Stay Current Updated Throughout the Year With Tire & Wheel Fitment Data & Specifications For Cars-Trucks-SUV’S-Crossovers Current and Vintage Vehicle Fitment Applications Specifications and Data for Original Equipment & Aftermarket Plus Sizes Includes vehicles as far back as 1946 on select vehicles In addition to vehicle fitments and specifications by year, make, model. Your subscription includes a variety of tools, calculators, and Reverse Lookups by: Bolt Pattern, Tire Size, and Wheel Brands

Interactive Tools & Calculators Include:

  • Reverse Wheel Lookup: Enter Bolt Pattern and Offset to find the matching vehicles. It's the perfect tool for selling used and un-boxed wheels
  • Reverse Tire Lookup: Enter a Tire Size to see the Vehicles it came on as Original Equipment, as well as Vehicles it can be used as a Plus Size Fitment. An asset when ordering inventory
  • Reverse Wheel Brand Lookup: Ever have a customer ask for a wheel brand but you didn't have the contact information? Click on the Wheel Brand in our system for the Distributor name and website link
  • Side by Side Tire Calculator: Compare up to 4 tire sizes side by side to view differences in the Section Width, Section Height, Outside Diameter, Revolutions per Mile, and Miles Per Hour
  • Plus & Minus Tire Calculator: Quickly find Plus or Minus Tire Sizes. Great for creating more aggressive fitments of winter tire down sizing
  • Wheel Offset Conversion Calculators: Interactive Calculators to convert Offset to Back Space, or Back Space to Offset
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